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Sophie was written and recorded inside Valentine’s home studio in El Paso, Texas.

Clocking in at just under twenty minutes, Sophie is the dreamy, and soulful, indie project you’ve been looking for all summer long. This six song album opens with the blues. ‘iwidlysm’ is about something we have all experienced at one point or another. While a song about broken hearts is no new concept, Valentine somehow manages to retell the story and make it his own. ‘landline’ produced by Staggr, is quite the opposite. While still remaining true to their distinct sound, Valentine and Staggr create an energetic, modern, pop punk inspired track that grabs you from the very start and just won’t let go.

As a whole, Valentine’s first studio album Sophie, feels like those nights where the sun doesn’t set until 10pm. “where can i go to sleep? where can i go to dream of a girl that i met in a past life.”

Sophie: an album by Valentine out August 27th